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Pushing the horizons of human experience

In 1971, the first human artifacts touched down on the red planet. The video footage shortly after showed us what once was - or once could be - a planet filled with life. While a thriving human community on Mars may not exist in our lifetime, there are very few limits preventing us to experience what that would be like.


The world of video games allow us to experience the impossible. Whether managing a subterranean ant colony or defending an outpost at the edges of the Milky Way, games give us the experience of what a fantasy would be like.


The mission of To Mars is to provide worlds where a person can learn, grow, and change as they play. A lofty goal, some may say...


So is touching a planet 30 million miles away.

To Mars came into existence shortly after Ant City was launched into beta. To Mars resides in Sarasota, Florida, where their office is currently stationed. Robert Genito and Tony Marr came together and founded "To Mars Games" not just to run Ant City for the long haul, but to create many more games and a fun, engaging place for friends to get together and make games.